特設BF4正式版 推奨環境ベンチマーク

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ChangeLog 2014/09/30-05



  • All pistols: Removed randomization of iron sights fire animation on most pistols per CTE feedback.
  • All automatic pistols: Shortened duration of slide animation during firing animations to prevent slide appearing to not cycle when firing quickly.
  • Automatic rifles: Fixed missing trigger pull animations.
  • Unica 6: Fixed hammer getting stuck on iron sights fire animation. Shortened reload threshold so magazine registers as full, faster.
  • CS5: Fixed magazine going invisible if reload is interrupted. Fixed problem where bolt action animation wouldn’t play when firing near the end of the tactical reload animation.
  • G36C: Fixed charging handle position during full/tactical reload.
  • CZ-805: Fixed charging handle position during full/tactical reload.
  • AWS: Enabled semi-automatic fire.
  • XM25: Fixed fire animation; including reciprocating charging handle.
  • Bulldog: Fixed problem with tiered reload.
  • M60E4: Adjusted reload interrupt branches to match other LMGs; ammo box now stays mounted on interrupt.
  • L96A1: Added missing interruptible reload branches.
  • JNG90: Adjusted reload threshold to prevent bypassing re-chamber animation at the end of empty reload.
  • SR338: Fixed bug where fire animation could be skipped by firing at a certain cadence. Raised reload threshold.
  • L85A2: Adjusted foregrip position so Angled Grip attachment doesn’t clip through the trigger guard; fixed reload animation bug that could cause accessories to shift on the weapon during animation.
  • RPK-74M: Reduced both reload times by .3 seconds to better match animation.
  • HK45C: Removed hammer position mismatch between idle and ADS.
  • ACW-R: Reduced time to register reload.
  • QBU-88: Fixed clipping issue in deploy animation.
  • SR2: Added reciprocating bolt fire animation.
  • SR2: Fixed missing bolt on empty reload animation, fixed sprint pose clipping issue in water.
  • 870: Fixed blending issue after zoom fire/pump action animation.
  • M16A4: Fixed mismatched bipod pose, broken dust cover on model.
  • RFB: Removed extra shell that moved when firing with a bipod and iron sights.
  • MK 11 MOD 0: Opened dust cover to prevent jamming. Removed incorrect rotation during bipod fire animation.
  • All DMRs, M82A3 Battle Pickups: Fixed bipod fire issue that skipped fire animation at higher rates of fire.
  • M412 Rex, .44 Magnum: Adjusted fire animations for new trigger delay values, corrected trigger discipline while running.
  • All belt-fed LMGs: Added “last few rounds” ammo visibility system to ADS fire animations.
  • AWS: Fixed foregrip position to be on-rail in 1st person.


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