Chapter 1 ― Beyond Doubt


Subtitle: Cloud sets out on his search together with Firion, Tidus, and Cecil――never doubting that the crystal can be obtained on the way to the land of discord...

Cecil: Well? Any clues on the crystal?
Cloud:No, nothing...
Tidus: So these crystals can save the world, huh? I wonder how we’re supposed to find them.
Firion: We probably have to fight more. Just defeat every enemy we encounter―
Cloud: Don’t know if we should be running into battle without knowing what’s going on. After all, most people can’t win every fight.
Tidus: I guess we gotta rest up sometime.
Firion: There is some truth to that.
Cecil: It’s good to have you with us, Cloud. You’ve the sense to think things through.
Tidus: You cloud learn something, Cecil.
Firion: Look who’s talking! (laugh) Guess we all need some of that sense!
Cloud: (Sense? No, that’s not it. I’m just―)

Subtitle: Destiny’s burden weighs heavily on Cloud’s giant sword. If he obtains his shimmering crystal, will he be able to cast a light on the shadows hiding within?

<North Sanctuary Gateway>
Cloud: The crystals... Can I obtain the powers of Cosmos?
Tidus: You look gloomy, Cloud! You need to practice smiling more.
Cloud: Why do we have to talk about that? ―Let’s get a move on.

[Talk to Tidus]
Tidus: You got an ace providing support; I’m sure you’ll do fine!

Tidus: Can somebody tell me what the heck these crystals are, anyway?
Cecil: Once we obtain them, will we be able to defeat Chaos?
Firion: If that is what Cosmos wishes, it is up to fulfill it.
Cloud: But what we are― What exactly are we fighting for?
Firion: What do you mean? Isn’t it to defeat Chaos and bring back peace to the world?
Cloud: Cosmos only said that we had to get the crystals. There’s no guarantee that defeating Chaos will bring peace. Nobody knows for sure what’s gonna happen to the world.
Tidus: I think we just have to keep faith!
Firion: We don’t need to know much in order to fight, do we?
Cloud: I just...need some convincing. I don’t wanna find myself swept into more battles...without knowing why I’m there.
Tidus: Cloud...
Cloud: Can any of you guys tell me? If there’s a good reason to be here fighting, I wanna hear it.
Cecil: A reason to fight... I suppose I’ve never thought about that before.
Tidus: I’m settling things with my old man! But that’s a personal issue, I know...
Cloud: Good for you, Tidus.
Firion: Could you give me some time? I wanna come up with an answer that would convince you.
Cloud: An answer... Hm...

TIdus: Man, I love it outside. It feels great to be able to just run!
Firion: And it doesn’t look like there are many enemies around here.
Cloud: Maybe because we’re close to Sanctuary. But stay alert, Tidus, Fir―
Cecil: Save your breath, Cloud. They’re already gone.

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: I think I just...need a little more time.
Cloud: Sure. Sorry to get you into this mess. This problem’s mine alone.
Firion: You shouldn’t carry all that by yourself. That’s what friends are for.

Firion: Could you give me some tome? I want to find a convincing answer.

[Talk to Cecil]
Cecil: We search for the crystals―to gain the strength to fight against Chaos. I wonder what changes by obtaining them. We’ve yet to even know where they are. But Cloud―I suppose you are in search for your own reason to fight.
Cloud: It’s just not clear to me―what I’m trying to accomplish through fighting.
Cecil: The answer cloud be in your memories―but you won’t know until you remember...

Cecil: Watching Tidus and Firion, I think perhaps a blind effort is not entirely wasteful.

[Talk to Tidus]
Tidus: Are you gonna tell me that I won’t get my crystal just running around?
Cloud: Not at all. I can’t even figure out whether running around would be good or bad.
Tidus: Then how about you run around until you figure it out?
Cloud: Run around until I figure it out... That’s Tidus for ya.

Firion: I just feel so cramped inside the gateways.

<Gateway of Good and Evil>
Firion: There are manikins of unfamiliar faces, aren’t there?
Cloud: I don’t know why, but they may be probing our memories. What a sick joke.
Firion: Our memories? Did you see someone you remember, Cloud?
Cluod: Year... Someone from my past... Someone that shouldn’t be here.

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: The enemies here aren’t that strong, but we should still prepare.

Firion: I’ve been thinking about why we have to fight. But...I’m finding it difficult to put into words.
Cloud: I see...
Firion: There is one thing I came up with. Convincing or not...
Cloud: What’s that?
Firion: The wild rose. There’s something I’ve been longing to see. That’s the reason I want to end this conflict. Of course, that’s all just still a dream.
Cloud: A dream?
Firion: Yes. It’s a dream I can’t give up on. That’s the reason I can keep fighting.
Cloud: Firion―will you fight me?
Firion: What?
Cloud: I want to know. I have to know if that dream is really strong enough. Strong enough to keep you fighting.
Firion: But Cloud― Understood. I’ll take you on.

<VS Firion>
Firion: Give me all you’ve got, Cloud!
Cloud: Time to see what you’re made of.

Firion: It’s not... over yet!
Cloud: Not bad at all...
Firion: Like I said... I won’t give up on my dream...
Cloud: Yeah. But... I can’t be like you.
Firion: Why not?
Cloud: I’ve looked, but I’m still empty-handed. And without a dream, what do you suppose I should do? Sorry. Didn’t mean to confuse you. (Maybe what I’m looking for...isn’t here...)

Sephiroth: Garland... Do you have any memories from before you woke?
Garland: ...Why do you ask?
Sephiroth: We often hear that memories can be suppressed. Watching him, I find myself thinking... Perhaps we are born knowing everything, but are only allowed to live after having had that knowledge sealed away.
Garland: ...
Sephiroth: One more question... When I awoke, I saw a dragon with an unearthly glow. What was that?
Garland: ...What makes you think I would know the answer?

Tidus: Oh, hey, Cloud! And Firion! Glad to see you guys are alright.
Cloud: Sorry to keep you.
Cecil: No worries. Are you ready to depart?
Firion: Don’t worry about me. I think Cloud’s ready, too.

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: Maybe it’s because I had this flower that I was able to remember my feelings. I couldn’t help you find an answer...but you can have your own dream. That I know.
Cloud: Yeah... Thanks, Firion. I can have my own dream...

Firion: I think I know after fighting you... You’re just as unsure as the rest of us are.

[Talk to Cecil]
Cecil: The manikins seem to be gaining strength, if only in increments.
Cloud: They’re not a problem one-on-one. If we stay on guard, we’ll be fine.
Cecil: Yes. Let us not get careless.

Cecil: Not very many enemies outside the gateways. We should be alright.

[Talk to Tidus]
Tidus: Ever wonder how they were chosen to be summoned to this world?
Cloud: From blood relatives to bitter rivals... We’re connected one way or another.
Tidus: I just wish I had friends from my homeworld, not just enemies, ya know?
Cloud: From my homeworld? ...Hard to say.

Tidus: Watching the oceans and rivers kinda reminds me of my homeworld.

<Beyond the Continent>
Cloud: So, everyone believes they can obtain their crystal, huh?
Cecil: Everyone’s worried, Cloud. But... Do you shoulder a larger concern?
Cloud: Concern... Maybe a sense of loss. It’s nothing, don’t worry about me.

[Talk to Cecil]
Cecil: You may just need some time to think things through.

Cecil: Cloud. Did Firion give you his answer?
Cloud: Yeah. He says he has a dream. And that he’ll keep fighting until he can make it come true.
Cecil: Sounds like Firion, sure enough.
Cloud: He told you?
Cecil: Yes, although he was embarrassed at first. He says he wants to create a world where wild roses grow in perpetual peace.
Cloud: Sounds so...childlike.
Cecil: Honest men have honest dreams.
Cloud: Maybe he wished it on a star. What about you, Cecil?
Cecil: I don’t think I can give you the kind of answer you’re looking for. But perhaps there is someone somewhere with an answer. Why not go and look for it?
Cloud: But I...
Firion: You should go, Cloud.
Cloud: You too?
Tidus: We’re rootin’ for ya!
Cloud: You really don’t mind?
Firion: Just one thing: When you find your answer, you come and tell us what it is.
Cloud: Got it. That’s a promise.

Firion: Which way are you headed, Cloud?
Cloud: I’m gonna go south. I don’t know what it is, but I feel something.
Tidus: I hope you find the answer you’re looking for!
Cecil: You’re on your own from here, Cloud. Be careful... Till we meet again.

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: We will continue eastbound, and then go down the continent along the coast. That will take us to an island on which there should be a path to the land of discord.
Cloud: Got it. I’ll join you guys as soon as I’m done.
Firion: We’ll be waiting for you. May we all have our crystals by then.

Firion: Don’t forget. As soon as you find your dream, you let me know.

[Talk to Cecil]
Cecil: I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but if it ever gets dangerous, fall back.
Cloud: I won’t be reckless.
Cecil: Haha, of course... I suppose we are the ones that should be more careful.

Cecil: I hope you find that person who has the answers.

[Talk to Tidus]
Tidus: While you’re looking for answers, I hope you find your crystal, too!
Cloud: The crystal... I don’t even know where to begin... But yeah. It would be great if I could find it.
Tidus: Of course you’ll find it! Cuz I’m finding mine for sure.

Tidus: The next time we meet, it’s gonna be show-and-tell with our crystals!

<Pravoka Gateway>
Cloud: We don’t know who lies in wait ahead. We may want to train a little now.

<Dried River Gateway>
Cloud: “Someone may know of a reason to fight.” There’s plenty to do before searching. What is this feeling? It’s him, I’m certain of it. This presence from the gateway...

Sephiroth: Good to see you, Cloud.
Cloud: Sephiroth!
Sephiroth: Why won’t you take up your sword?
Cloud: Fighting you...would be meaningless. I’m tired of taking part in pointless battles.
Sephiroth: Then if you had a reason, you would fight anyone?
Cloud: No! All I want is to believe in why I fight.
Sephiroth: Nothing but a puppet.
Cloudかも: What?
Sephiroth: Then let me give you a reason. A dream is easy to nip in the bud. How pitiful. To live life hanging on to something this fragile...
Cloud: It’s Firion’s wild rose! No... What have you done to them!?
Sephiroth: So now you have your reason. Come after me.

Cloud: Did he steal this flower―Firion’s dream―just to lure me out here? Tidus and Cecil should have been with him, too. I hope they’re alright... Sephiroth... I won’t let you have your way...

<Gulg Gateway>
Cloud: He’s waiting inside... Am I being fooled? Is that why I’m here? Whatever the reason, I have to end this.

Sephiroth: I knew you’d come. You always do as you’re told, don’t you?
Cloud: What?
Sephiroth: You look for a reason because you don’t want to be swept into a fight...but all you do is look. You do nothing to follow that desire. That is why you are so eager to make someone else’s reason your own.
Cloud: What’s your point?
Sephiroth: Your companions could get hurt, yet they’d still have the will to continue their search. But what about you? You’re nothing but a puppet that gets swept away, unable to make any decisions on its own.
Cloud: You’re wrong! I just―
Sephiroth: So...I’ll continue to provide you with a reason―every time you need one.
Cloud: Shut up! I’ve had enough of being told what to fight for. I came here of my own will!
Sephiroth: All you’re ever wanted was to cling to old memories.
Cloud: You’re the one who can’t let go!

Cloud: Sephiroth! なんか言ってた Go back to sleep.
Sephiroth: Accept it. I am the one who guides you―forever. If it’s despair you want―then I shall provide.
Cloud: What I want most― I’ll find myself.
Sephiroth: You are nothing but a puppet.

<VS Sephiroth>
Sephiroth: You fight not knowing the truth?
Cloud: Enough talk, let’s go.

Cloud: This is it―the crystal.
Sephiroth: It is also what you most despise. Take it, and you will be doomed to further conflicts and never know why.
Cloud: So be it, if that’ my destiny. I live in my reality, not yours.
Sephiroth: Very well. Every time your eyes gaze upon it, remember: You were only able to obtain it with my guidance. And I will continue to pull your strings.
Cloud: I decide my own path. (Even if I have my doubts...I have to find my own answer...and tell my friends, like I promised. Until then, I’ll keep fighting.)

Subtitle: The warrior has vowed to keep fighting―and keep fighting he will, until he can fulfill the promise he made with his companions. Etched in destiny, his quest for answers continues on...


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