Chapter 7 ― Ally


Subtitles: Tifa fights alone against the manikins that obstruct the way to her friends. She has not lost hope as she heads into a land of falling snow…

<Gateway of Melting Snows>
Tifa: Phew. That’s most of them. Now’s my chance to get outta here!

[Magic Pot]
Magic Pot: Gimme an elixir!
Tifa: An elixir? Sorry, I don’t have any. Maybe next time.
Magic Pot: Wait! Then I’m gonna follow you until you do! I’ll help ya when you’re in a bind...
Tifa: Hm… guess it can’t hurt! Alright, let’s go!

[After battles]
Tifa: There’s a booster accessory I want, but... I don’t have enough KP. I need to meet a KP Chance to get some more KP...

Tifa: I’m―exhausted. I still haven’t seen Light or the others― Is everyone alright? Please... I want to see your faces again...

<Solitude and Treachery>
Tifa: I’m sure everyone’s fine... I’ll see you all soon.

<Frozen Continent>
Tifa: Think I’ll have to go on the offensive to proceed... I’ll get them to block and then break their guard. It’s a little rough, but it’s my style.

Ultimecia: Oh my. It appears there are survivors.
Tifa: Ultimecia.
Ultimecia: How wonderful! I’d just been searching for someone to fight. There are so few of you left.
Tifa: Really? Same problem here. I guess this is our lucky day. It’s been a while since I’ve fought anything but manikins.
Ultimecia: You wish to challenge me? You are quite the curious girl, aren’t you? Interesting. I’d thought Cosmos’s stragglers would be deep in despair.つづきぇ Yet here you are defiant. I can remedy that.

<VS Ultimecia>
Ultimecia: You’ll be rejoining your allies soon.
Tifa: Yeah, soon as I’m done with you!

Ultimecia: This ends now!
Tifaかなあ: It seems we are not alone! Kain!
Kain: You’re safe.
Tifa: I’m fine― thank goodness, you are too!
Ultimecia: Delighted to see the traitor to your cause? Oh you poor child.
Tifa: Traitor?
Ultimecia: Oh I’m sorry, had you thought him your savior? If I were you, I’d be more worried about him than me. Isn’t that so?
Tifa: What’re you talking about? You’re not making sense.
Ultimecia: Look at that fallen warrior behind you. Surely even you won’t dismiss evidence like that.
Tifa: Behind me? Zidane!
Ultimecia: Do you want to know what befall him? Ask your knight in shining armor.
Tifa: Zidane!
Kain: Wait!
Tifa: Wait!? He’s hurt, we have to help him!
Kain: No!
Tifa: What!? Kain! Zidane! What...what just happened? What’s going on? Just... hafta find Kain to talk.

Tifa: Kain! Zidane! ... They’re not here either. What’s going on? Hm, they couldn’t have gone any further. Guess I’ll search this area one more time.

<Snow of Sorrow>
Tifa: Kain’s up to something. I’ve got to get him to talk to me.

<Ryukahn Gateway>
Tifa: What about you?
Kain: Sparing thoughts for a traitor?
Tifa: Stop it! You know I trust you. All this time you’ve been helping us, and then you just up and change sides? Yeah, right! I mean... even if you hadn’t helped me out before, I still wouldn’t fall for that. We’re friends. Aren’t we? Just tell me. What happened? Where’s Zidane? Have you found anyone else? Why... why did you... point your weapon at me?
Kain: Forgive me, that’s not for you to know.
Tifa: Well, I guess I’ll just have to tag along.
Kain: What?
Tifa: No choice. I used my potion. Girl like me... who knows if I could make it back to Cosmos all alone? But as long as I have a friend along, I’ll be ok. Right?
Kain: Tifa...
Tifa: Listen. I trust you. We’re friends.

[Talk to Kain]
Kain: There is nothing to discuss...
Tifa: Well aren’t you stubborn? But I’m pretty stubborn myself, you know.

[After battles]
Tifa: Kain... you’re really not talking to me? You don’t care if you’re thought of as a traitor?
Kain: ...
Tifa: Am I supposed to think that you don’t think of us as friends? Is it better to think so?
Kain: ...
Tifa: Then who ARE your friends? Only the people you remember from your homeworld? You don’t want to remember this world? You don’t want friends from this world?
Kain: You are free to think what you will.
Tifa: So you get your memory back, you know something, and that’s it? Come on! It might be food for you, but if I lose my friends in this world... I’d be all by myself...
Kain: ...

[After cleared]
Kain: It’s not as though... I do not consider all of you my allies.
Tifa: Huh?
Kain: I bear grim news. I did not wish to worry you with such news, as comrades. However, as a warrior summoned to this realm, you should know the truth and what awaits.
Tifa: The truth... and what’s about to occur?
Kain: I shall talk if you so wish... You’ll―forget eventually.
Tifa: I don’t completely understand, but fine. Tell me what you know.

Tifa: So no matter how hard we fight, we can’t win. Getting these crystals sure is a pain. I wish they’d just show up already. Then we might’ve had a chance at actually ending things this time around.
Kain: Don’t dwell on it. When you wake, you won’t remember the things we’ve had to endure. And when you have your crystal, you’ll have no more reason to despair.
Tifa: I guess not. Well then, I guess we better go find everyone else!
Kain: What?
Tifa: You thought I’d let you go alone? I mean, come on! You look like you’re ready to fall over. I’m still not really sure what you’re doing is right, putting everyone to sleep and all. But you do, and you’re going to keep on doing it, right? You believe in yourself, and you’re gonna go as far as you can. Well then... I am too. I don’t... I don’t want anyone else to get hurt. I wanna help you fight, so I can help keep everyone safe. It’s not fair. I mean getting summoned here... forced to fight... disappearing... everything. We’re not just a bunch of faceless soldiers. We’re friends, and we’ve been through a lot together.
Kain: We could well fall along the way, and never see an end to this war. You’d still go?
Tifa: You’re still going. You know what we’re up against, but you’re not backing down.
Kain: I can make no promise you’ll survive.
Tifa: I know.

Subtitle: Many were the times the warriors of discord were spared from purification. I believe no one honored a warrior’s feelings more than “him”...


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