Chapter 6 - Indiscernible Truth


Subtitles: Manikins are hot on Kain’s trail as he continues to travel alone. He harbors his friends in the desert for a greater chance to a future of hope...

<Sunken Lake Gateway>
Kain: Only manikins here as well... Puppets who know only battle.
Kain: I won’t let the slightest opening in their moves escape my sights...

<058:The Honest Truth>
Kain: (The manikins’ numbers are growing, day by day. I need to hide the others away. Rest will have to come later. Golbez... I believe what you told me. I will trust your words.)

Kain: (Soldiers who take our forms... What foul magic is this?)
Golbez: I see the manikins have begun to take their toll.
Kain: Golbez...
Golbez: Fear not, I have not come to fight you. My purpose this day is merely one of observation. To see how you fare, against the endless horde you face.
Kain: I trust you’ve seen. Who could have imagined I’d greet the end here, in this foreign world. Tell me one thing. If Chaos triumphs, this place will be destroyed. Is that truly what you seek to bring about?
Golbez: What victory will bring about is the end of fighting. Not of the world itself. What purpose is there in explaining the truth to people doomed to disappear?
Kain: Disappear? You know something.
Golbez: This war of the gods is endless. It has been repeated countless times already. Let me be clear: the safety of this world is assured. It must go on―because the war will. You do not believe me, do you?
Kain: Had you expected otherwise?
Golbez: I suppose not. With no memories, it would seem absurd.
Kain: Explain.
Golbez: You were bested in battle, and revived to fight anew. The process of your revival required your memories be purged. You’ve forgotten that the cycle repeats itself, and thus you mistrust my words. Look to your deeper memories, and you will see the proof of what I say.
Kain: What deeper memories?
Golbez: Those who are summoned to this world arrive with almost no recollection of their past. But you―you remember Cecil and I. You have memories of our homeworld. The more that you fight, the more those memories will return. That you have already remembered so much… that is proof that you―
Cecil: Kain!
Kain: Cecil!?
Golbez: My brother, Cecil, is the same as you. When we are first called here, we do not even remember those closest to us.
Cecil: Kain, are you all right!?
Golbez: See for yourself. The truth is there if you seek it.
Cecil: Missed… Kain! Are you hurt?
Kain: No... I’m fine.
Cecil: Good. We should go. It’s best we all stay together.
Kain: Cecil... Have you― Your memory. Is still hasn’t returned, has it?
Cecil: No. But I have begun remembering you... bit by bit, the more we fight. It’s the same for you, right? The more you fight, the more the pieces fit themselves together? Don’t worry. As long as we keep fighting, our memories will come back eventually. We’ll be all right.

Kain(Subtitles): As the fight wears on, our old memories return. A vague clue, but that much seems to be certain. More importantly, it is the sole proof we have as to this war’s unending nature.

Kain: The manikins have invaded this area as well... Hold on for a little longer, my comrades.

Firion: Kain! What a relief to see you. Have you been fighting alone as well? I’ve been having troubles with the manikins. I wanted to unlock the gateways here, but―
Kain: I see, I was thinking the same thing. This is a chance. Let’s go, Firion.
Firion: Really? Thank you, Kain. I was just getting tired of fighting alone.

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: Honestly, I’ve been having a hard time fighting off the manikins.
Kain: We are outnumberd.
Firion: I was thinking on how to buy us some time to get our crystals... There’s no way we can continue to just fight endlessly...

Firion: I hope everyone’s alright. I’m a little worried since I haven’t seen anyone.

<Hidden Darkness Gateway>
Kain: We’re attacked by manikins at every turn. We haven’t the time to stand still...

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: Do you think the manikins feel pain when they are struck, as we do?

<Legendary Lake Gateway>
Firion: So their numbers grow... I’m glad to have met up with you before I got into trouble. Hm? Look at those tough-looking monsters. I’ll assist you. You take the lead. Kain?
Kain: My apologies, I was in contemplation. I’ll take the lead; I’m counting on you.

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: It’s risky to go up against it as you are. You should check your equipment first.

Firion: Kain, is that...?
Shiva: Allow me to lend you my powers. Trust my northerly winds...
Kain: Firion?
Shiva: What’s wrong? Come to me...
Firion: Um...

[After cleared]
Firion: Weren’t you with Cecil and the others? Did you get separated from them?
Kain: That is our predicament...
Firion: I know how you feel, but don’t worry. We’re both fine; the others are, too.
Kain: Yes, it is too soon... to slumber.←あってますか?

Firion: Should we unlock the gateways here as well?
Kain: Yes, let us proceed. Firion, can you fight?
Firion: Yes, although it doesn’t feel us though we decrease their numbers. Let’s go!

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: Kain, have you come across any of the others?
Kain: I met one by chance and discussed our situation, but I have yet to meet anyone else.
Firion: ... You see, I’ve heard some bad rumors. Rumors that some of our friends have fallen. I don’t intend to trust the words of a foe, but I’m concerned, what with this situation...
Kain: That is true.

Firion: You think anyone’s made it back yet? I hope Cosmos is safe.

<Gateway of True Intent>
Firion: When the opponent’s strong, I tend to stay back and look for any chance to counter...
Kain: Hmph, when the opponents are strong is when you truly shine, Firion.
Firion: Really? Alright then, you give me the sign and I’ll jump in to assist you.

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: Kain, you can say what’s on your mind. We are comrades after all.
Kain: I am not holding back.

Firion: It feels like we’ve been fighting for years, but do you think the crystals will appear soon?
Kain: We have been fighting―but little time has passed...

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: Hey, isn’t Cecil from your world, Kain?
Kain: ...Yes. He is a childhood friend.
Firion: You trust Cecil, don’t you? It must be reassuring to have a friend by your side.

Firion: Our chances may yet improve if we just keep fighting. Let’s not give up!

<Ryukahn Gateway>
Firion: You’re great at jumping, right, Kain? Just what to expect from a dragoon.
Kain: I am skilled at using jumps in my attacks, but you can as well using walls.

[After battles]
Kain: Little by little... I am able to read their movements. It seems their equipment holds the key.

[Talk to Firion]
Firion: I’m worried about Cosmos... Kain, let’s return to Sanctuary after this.

[Before boss battle]
Kain: Firion, go on ahead without me.
Firion: What’s the matter, Kain?
Kain: I feel an enemy’s presence behind us. We’ll be in poor shape if we’re surrounded.
Firion: Understood. Leave the front to me.
Kain Very well. I’m counting on you.
Kain: (Forgive me...)

<060:Follow the Leader>
Firion: Kain! But...why―?
Kain: Firion... Forgive me. Our hope must live on, for the next battle.
Exdeath: You fell your friends, and yet you refuse to sell yourself to their enemies.
Kain: You again.
Exdeath: Tell me now... Where do you mean to take that warrior?
Kain: What is it to you? You wish to deliver the felling stroke for me? I’ve no intention revealing my allies’ location. Follow me as you will. You’ll learn nothing.

<VS Exdeath>
Exdeath: So, you offer your life in exchange for theirs?
Kain: Of course not. I offer yours.

<062:Well Aware>
Exdeath: Impressive. You fight well. I almost wish we could continue. To leave the friend behind, or to stay and perish with him...
Kain: I had other plans. You’re mistaken if you think dolls can defeat me.
Exdeath: So you choose to fight. You will not endure for long. Then again, perhaps you will find some peace when you are gone for good and all. It is far too late for you to win.
Kain: Do you take me for a fool? I’m well aware of our position. Abominations! Can you hear me? Do you even have minds of your own? If you are aware of the world around you, you’d best rue the day you came here. I’m about to teach you pathentic mockeries the difference between you and a real man!

Subtitles: Who could have thought to call this the conflict of the gods― ―when it has forever been the warriors that fought as divine pawns?


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