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2012 Evacuetion progam during summer vacation.

Now we are collecting the evacuation information.
We and the people who live in Fukushima and Tohoku area are encouraged your participation and cooperation.

Representative Mika Noro, NPO,A Bridge to the Chernobyl, sais on the video lecture.

In order to reduce the internal exposure in children's body, I think the physically separated from the high radiation, and evacuate to the safe place at least one month would be safer for the children, and that shows the result that 25 years experience measure the radiation "zero" in on the body.
So, keep bathing every day for years, rather than continue smoking, recreational, evacuating, and reduce the amount of radiation in the body.

search by the Area.

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To reflesh, or temporary refuge.
Long-term evcuation plan

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If you evacuate by the information of Fukushima network for protecting the children from nuclear 「http://kofdomofukushima.at.webry.info/」】, we will support you afterward.
Contact us:
TEL : 080-4322-1140
e-mail: npo.iiyo@gmail.com
(Person in charge: Kemuyama)

※Monitoring information
of environmental radioactivity level
click this → http://radioactivity.mext.go.jp/en/